Irish tuna you’ll take a shine to

Shelf Help: This premium product has a mild, delicate flavour and a firm, meaty texture

What is it? Shines Wild Irish Tuna in Olive Oil (€7.99, 185g).

What’s good about it? It is albacore tuna fished from Irish waters in late July, August and September, packed in olive oil. It has a mild flavour and a firm, meaty texture. The chunky loins break down into large flakes. It also comes packed in water if you want to keep the calories down.

Who makes it? Shines is a family-owned Killybegs firm and this is one of the premium products in its extensive canned and bottled fish range.

How do I use it? Just before writing this, I made a tuna melt with it. I mixed some of the flaked fish with mayo, lemon juice, chopped gherkins and black pepper, slathered this on a slice of sourdough bread, and topped with grated mature cheddar before popping it into the air fryer on grill setting for five minutes. It was superb, but, to be fair, the delicate flavour of the fish was slightly smothered by the mayo and cheese. Next time I’ll save it for a salad Niçoise with good summer tomatoes and green beans, and a free-range egg. The olive oil in the jar, mixed with mustard, lemon juice and black pepper, makes a lovely dressing.


Where can I buy it? Widely available from supermarkets and delis, and online from

Anything else? If you like a bit of spice with your tuna, Shines also sell yellowfin tuna in chilli oil.

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