The Christmas selection box you’ll be dipping into every mealtime

Shelf Help: Almost everything you might need in the way of sauces, condiments and preserves for the festive period

What is it? The Folláin Christmas gift box (€30, 6 x 340/370g).

What’s good about it? There’s almost everything you might need in the way of sauces, condiments and preserves here to see you through the festive period. There’s cranberry sauce, of course, plus a new caramel and Irish cream liqueur dessert sauce. There are two seasonal jams – winter spiced rhubarb and mulled wine and winter berry – as well as spiced apple chutney, and a Christmas spiced marmalade.

How do I use it? The preserves are so fruity and luxurious you could use them in cakes and puddings – perhaps as a Victoria sponge filling with cream, or in a jam tart. The spiced mulled wine and winter berry one has cherries, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries and cranberries, along with 8 per cent port, while the winter rhubarb is spiked with ginger, cardamom and vanilla. The new caramel dessert sauce has vanilla and dates as well as Irish cream liqueur and used straight from the jar it would be good with ice cream, steamed sponges, drizzled on apple pies, or in a banoffee pie.

Who makes it? The Folláin range is made in Ballyvourney, Co Cork by the O Lionáird family.


Where can I buy it? You can buy this boxed gift collection, which comes with two long handled preserve spoons that neatly attach to the rim of the jars, from (€30). You can also assemble your own choice of products in four or six jar gift boxes. The range is also available across a wide range of shops including Tesco, Dunnes and SuperValu.

Anything else? Until the end of the year, Folláin will donate 50 per cent of every online purchase to the Simon Community.

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