Video promoting diversity and acceptance becomes viral hit

Danish advert encourages people to think outside of stereotypes and preconceptions

A Danish advert has become a viral sensation for celebrating diversity and encouraging unity and acceptance.

The three-minute advert for Danish broadcaster TV2 opens with people forming different groups such as business people, nurses, sportsfans, immigrants and teenagers, as a voiceover says , “It’s easy to put people in boxes. There is us and them. The high earners and those just getting by. The new Danes and those who have always been here. The people from the countryside and those who have never seen a cow.”

A man then appears, telling the participants they will be asked some “personal” questions but encourages them all to answer “honestly”.

“Who in this room was the class clown?” breaks the ice as members from different groups begin to come together.


More questions such as “Who are the step-parents? and “Who loves to dance?” sees the groups mix even more as they find they have different things in common with a wide number of people outside their immediate circle.

The English version of All That We Share which has been viewed more than 2 million times online, promotes the idea that while "we live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes, maybe we have more in common than what we think?"