Cringe alert: Stick to the day job Kellyanne Conway

Recently unearthed footage shows Trump campaign manager in stand up comedy set

She's Donald Trump's campaign manager and a political strategist but Kellyanne Conway should definitely stick to the day job as a cringeworthy foray into stand up comedy shows.

A recently unearthed clip from 1998 shows Conway, then Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, struggling through an 11 minute set at a charity event in Washington where she laughs more at her jokes than the audience does.

She talks about "pundettes", a term coined at the time to describe young female pundits like herself, and describes them as "someone who goes on TV over and over again and says the same thing except wearing different clothes." Good practice for presenting 'alternative facts' for Donald Trump perhaps?

The set ends with Conway in a feather boa breaking into a song about, among other things, the affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.


Watch at your peril.