BBC mistakes political expert for ‘heroic’ Everest climber

‘I think you have the wrong guest, Sir’ Dr Todd Landman says

In a scene reminiscent of one of television's greatest bloopers starring Guy Goma, BBC's breakfast programme on Saturday introduced the wrong guest.

The man the presenters thought was an Everest climber was in fact a US political expert.

The presenters gave a fulsome introduction for mountaineer Leslie Binns who had saved a woman who had collapsed on a trek up Everest. "That's what our next and very heroic guest did" said presenter Rachel Burden. "He is going back and joins us now in studio ahead of his next mission said co-presenter Jon Kay as he turned to the guest and said "Good morning".

The guest on the couch smiled politely and said “I think you have the wrong guest, Sir”.


Realising the man on the couch was in fact Dr Todd Landman who was there to talk about US president-elect Donald Trump, Burden said "I looked at this man and I though he doesn't necessarily look like a mountaineer".

Kay asked “Do you have any heroic stories to tell?”. Dr Landman replied “I have many heroic stories to tell you but none involving Everest.”

In 1996 Guy Goma arrived at the BBC’s London offices for a job interview but was mistaken for an internet music expert at reception and appeared on BBC News.

Unlike Saturday’s guest, Goma carried on with the interview and proceeded to answer questions as best he could with hilarious results.