Ronan Group finally moves on plans for Appian Way site

16 apartments in five-storey block sought by Johnny Ronan’s development group

After more than a decade of lying idle, a 0.23-acre site owned by Johnny Ronan in Donnybrook, at the junction of Leeson Street Upper and Appian Way, is set to be redeveloped.

In 2006, the property was jointly owned by John Ronan jnr (33) and Shane Whelan through Ashwalk, their investment vehicle. One decade on and Ronan jnr and Whelan are both directors of Johnny Ronan’s development group, Ronan Group Real Estate (RGRE).

It seems, however, that neither have retained a beneficial interest in the Donnybrook site, as ownership has been transferred to RGRE, with Johnny Ronan appearing to be its beneficial owner based on documents registered with the companies office.

RGRE is now seeking planning permission to construct 16 apartments in a five-storey block on the site. In all, one three-bedroom, 11 two-bedroom and three one-bedroom apartments are envisaged for the 2,074sq m (22,324sq ft) block, which will also feature 13 parking spaces at basement level, to be accessed via a car lift.


The plan could be described as daring, especially since Ashwalk met opposition in the past when it applied for a smaller nine- unit block, and even stronger opposition before when it sought permission for 17 units, with neighbours in Leeson village and the adjoining apartment blocks vehemently opposing the proposed development.

In February 2016, Ronan’s daughter Jodie (31), who is chief operating officer of RGRE, stepped down as a director of the majority of RGRE companies – 40 in total – including the subsidiary that owns the prime Appian Way site.

Her brother, James (27), who recently joined the family business, replaced her as director of 37 of those companies.

Donata Singh, an RGRE property manager, replaced Jodie as a director in the other three companies, which are involved in the redevelopment of Ronan's newly acquired bank centre site in Ballsbridge.