Why I Love . . . Weight Training

The first time I managed to squat my body weight made me feel I could accomplish anything

About four years ago, I decided to finally bite the bullet and start weight training. My husband and several friends had been trying to convince me that I should, but I was always very intimidated by the gym and like most women, I was afraid I would look too muscly.

I had spent years yo-yo dieting and doing mainly cardio-based training, and even though I was fit and healthy, I was very insecure in my body.

One day I saw an Instagram "transformation" post, and I actually knew the girl in the photo! She had just quit her job to become a personal trainer, so I called her up and the following Saturday I was learning to squat, bench and deadlift. It was so much fun, and I spent the whole week looking forward to the next session.

I did start to see changes in my body, and I definitely started to look more toned. But the biggest change (get ready for the cliche) was in my mental health. I began to love my body, not for how it looks but for what it is capable of. I became so grateful for every session in the gym, instead of dreading exercise.


The first time I managed to squat my body weight, and the first time I did a pull-up, were such proud moments for me, and made me feel like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I get really excited when I see women getting into weight training – it’s just so empowering, not to mention the long-term health benefits.

I would highly recommend weight training to everyone. There’s no better feeling than getting physically and mentally stronger.