White wine fit for a pope and fruit-filled reds at Lidl’s Italian sale

Mid-week tipple: Each week John Wilson picks two wines for you to try at home

Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2016, Podere Macinatico

The Lidl Italian wine sale started on Monday. For full coverage, go to my article from Saturday 10th June. In the meantime, here are two tasty bottles for less than €10. San Gimignano is a medieval walled town in Tuscany, famous for the fourteen towers that dominate the landscape. The local white wine, made from the Vernaccia grape, has been made for centuries, and was enjoyed by nobles and popes alike. The Lidl version has layered red apple and pineapple fruits, balanced nicely by a refreshing citrus acidity that brings it all together. Drink with summery salads and shellfish. Price: €9.99.

Cannonau di Sardegna 2015 Montejanu

We don’t see many in Ireland, but the Mediterranean island of Sardinia produces very good red and white wines. The most famous red is Cannonau, aka Grenache, aka Garnacha. The Spanish claim it as theirs, but recently the Sardinians have argued that it originated on Sardinia. Either way, Cannonau/Grenache/Garnacha produces juicy soft fruit-filled wines with no tannins; just like this one, currently selling in Lidl for a mere €7.99. Perfect barbeque wine.