Sample a glass from Caves de Lugny’s ten million hectolitres of wine

Mid-week tipple: The best wines to try at home this week

Mâcon-Lugny, Cave de Lugny 2015

This is a name that will be familiar to most. The Caves de Lugny is the largest co-operative in France, producing almost ten million hectolitres of wine, from 21 different communes in the Mâconnais, every year. That is a lot of wine. Generally they do a pretty good job. This wine has good rounded apple fruits balanced nicely by some citrus. A good all-rounder to serve with fish or white meats. €12.95 from O’Briens for the month of April.

Alpha Zeta Corvina 2015, Italy

Corvina is one of the grapes behind a wine called Valpolicella. If you haven’t heard of Valpol, ask your parents; they drank copious quantities in the 1970’s and 1980’s at every drinks party. Made well it is a lovely fresh light fruity wine. Made badly it should be avoided at all costs. Corvina is the best grape used to make Valpolicella and in this case, a very good New Zealand winemaker produces a tasty wine that is a good Valpolicella in everything but name. €12.99 from The Malt House, Trim; Blackrock Cellar, World Wide Wines, Waterford.