John Wilson: Two really good wines for your shopping trolley this weekend

Wines for the Weekend: These French classics from Dunnes Stores offer great value for money

Two French wines this week, both from Dunnes Stores, and both offering great value for money. Often undervalued, Muscadet comes from around the city of Nantes, at the mouth of the river Loire, and close to the Atlantic coast. Perhaps it is not surprising then that it goes so well with all sorts of seafood.

The Côtes de Bourg is one of the lesser-known sub-regions of Bordeaux. It produces some very good quality wines usually at keen prices. As with the Château de Barbe below, most of the wines are made primarily from the merlot grape, making them soft and fruity from a young age.

Château de Lauberdière 2022, Muscadet de Sèvre & Maine sur lie

Light but full of racy green apple and citrus fruits, finishing dry. This would go nicely with lighter salads, creamy goat’s cheese, and all sorts of white fish. Locally they love to drink it with a plate of oysters, but any shellfish would work well.

11.5%abv, €9.32, down from €11.65 in Dunnes Stores (55 stores)


Château de Barbe 2019, Côtes de Bourg

Very attractive supple blackcurrants and other dark fruits with a lightly spicy finish. Try it with roast red meats, or vegetarian moussaka or lasagne.

14%abv €11.60, down from €14.50 in Dunnes Stores (33 stores).