Two wines for under €10 to try: a light, fresh French Muscadet and a rediscovered red from Argentina

Wines for the Weekend: Bonarda, also known as Douce Noir, is a grape variety set for a comeback

Muscadet was one of the first names to lure a generation of Irish people on to wine. We moved on to New World wines for a while, but there has been renewed interest over the last few years. Quality has increased and prices are very reasonable, and it fits perfectly into our liking for light, fresh dry white wines.

Muscadet is a region in northwest France close to the maritime city of Nantes. Locally, they drink it with fish, and shellfish in particular.

Argentinian Malbec is one of our favourite red wines. But the country also grows large quantities of a grape variety called Bonarda. In fact, it is the second most widely planted red grape, but has fallen out of favour in recent years. I suspect it may be about to make a comeback.

Confusingly it has no connection to an Italian variety of the same name but is actually a Savoyard grape also known as Douce Noir. The wines are light, fresh, aromatic and full of fruit, with no tannins; perfect for everyday drinking with or without food.


Specially Selected Muscadet de Sèvre & Maine 2022

Refreshing light green apple fruits with a touch of citrus and a dry finish. This would go nicely with simply cooked white fish, or even better with a bowl of mussels. It would also make a good party option. 12% abv. €9.99, Aldi.

Specially Selected Argentinian Bonarda 2022

Bouncy light spicy plum fruits, with refreshing acidity and a smooth finish. A good aperitif or party wine, or enjoy it with charcuterie, firm cheeses or a vegetarian pizza. 13% abv. €9.99, Aldi.