John Wilson: Two South African wines to enjoy with a barbecue

Wines for the Weekend: Whether you go for fish or meat, here are two lovely drinks to pair with your meal

This week’s suggestion is a couple of South African wines from O’Briens to enjoy with a braai, their version of a barbecue. The braai tends to be very meat-centred, although I have enjoyed barbecued fish with a local Sauvignon Blanc.

If you prefer European wines, O’Briens also has the mouth-watering, crisp Terredora Fiano di Avellino (€16.95) or the organic richly fruity Corbières Caraguilhes Les Jardins from France, a great value red wine for €12.95. Both would set you up nicely for a barbecue.

Bellow’s Rock Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Western Cape, South Africa

Aromatic, brisk and lively, with apple fruits. Great solo, with grilled fish or Mediterranean vegetables. 13%, €10 ( reduced from €14.95 from O’Briens)

Age before Beauty Shiraz 2020, Cape Coast, South Africa

Rich, smooth dark fruits with a touch of spice and dark chocolate. Perfect with barbecued red or white meats. 13.5%, €10.95 (reduced from €15.45 from O’Briens)