Spend a little over a tenner on wine and see how the quality improves

Wines for the Weekend: Two cut-price bottles from O’Briens that are worth a few extra euro

I often argue in this column that if you spend a little more, and you will get a much better wine. These two wines from O’Briens are a case in point. More than €10 a bottle but under €15, they offer great value for money and are certainly superior to anything selling for less than €10.

Albiano Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2021, €12.45 (down from €15.95 until March 12th)

Succulent pears and mango fruit with a nicely rounded finish. Perfect by itself before dinner, or with fish and chicken. Try it with a light Thai stir fried chicken.

Château Maucru 2019, Bordeaux, €11.95 (down from €15.95 until March 12th).

A classic Bordeaux from a ripe vintage; elegant blackcurrants and cassis with a fine backbone of tannin. Perfect with roast meats and dishes featuring red peppers.