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Tasty breaded cod fillets for no-cook nights

Sourdough coating is not too thick and goes nicely crunchy on both sides

What is it?

Aldi Specially Selected Extra Large Sourdough Breaded Cod Fillets (460g/€5.99)

What’s good about it?

They mean what they say - these cod fillets are “extra large” indeed. They are substantial enough to satisfy the most voracious appetite and the size of the fillets means the fish is meaty, with large flakes. The sourdough breadcrumb coating is not too thick and goes nicely crunchy on both sides.

How do I use it?

They go straight from the freezer to the oven, or air fryer. In a conventional oven they take 35 minutes at 180 degrees according to the pack instructions, but I pulled them out at 30 minutes and they were fine. An air fryer will be even quicker. A little sprinkle of apple cider vinegar and some sea salt was all they needed.

Where can I get it?

They are new in store at Aldi nationwide, in the freezer cabinets.


Anything else?

They are fairly pricey, for frozen fish, at €3 each, but the quality is excellent and in comparison to a takeaway, they are healthier and cheaper, as well as more convenient. Definitely one to have in the freezer for no-cook nights.

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