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Low in calories are the crackers of Athenry

This Foods of Athenry product is crunchy, delicious and – yes! – fabulous

What is it?

The Foods of Athenry Gourmet Sodabread Toasts Honey Almond & Rosemary (€4.25/100g).

What’s good about it?

You’ve got to love a food product that self-describes as “fabulous” on the packaging, and indeed these nutty crackers are very impressive. They are gluten and wheat free, and low in salt, as well as being crunchy and delicious. Each matchbox-sized toast contains only 11 calories, despite being heavily laden with visible slivers of honeyed almond and sunflower seeds.

Tell me more about it?

They are made by the Lawless family on their farm in Athenry, Co Galway, where a bakery has replaced the milking parlour. The dairy connection continues, though, as the crackers are made with buttermilk.

How do I use it?

They are tasty enough to eat straight from the box, but a sliver of goat’s cheese or a dollop of cream cheese is an ideal partner. The almond and rosemary flavour isn’t so strong that it interferes with whatever you pair them with. I like them broken up and added to a salad for additional texture and taste. If they lose their crunch before you finish the pack (unlikely), they can be refreshed in a 150 degree oven for five minutes and allowed to cool before eating.


Where can I get them?

They are widely available in delis, good food stores and health food shops, as well as online from with free shipping on orders over €50.

Anything else?

They also come in cranberry and hazelnut, multi-seed and cumin seed varieties.

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