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Pickles to add piquancy to your Christmas sandwiches and snacks

Pick up a pot of these inexpensive but unusual little silverskin onions in balsamic vinegar for your festive season snacks

What is it?

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Pearl Onions, from the Specially Selected range at Aldi (€1.69/340g).

What’s good about it?

Over the coming weeks, there will be charcuterie and cheese boards to assemble, snack to serve up and multiple Christmas sandwiches to be made. Give your condiment selection a glow up with these silverskin onions, pickled in balsamic vinegar. The little onions are tiny, about the size of a currant, and instead of being pearly white they have been tinged a little by the balsamic vinegar.

How do I use it?

Straight from the jar, by the spoonful. I had to remove them from my desk when writing this. They are a bit addictive, like little sour, crunchy sweets, with just the right balance of sweet and sour. They would be a very tasty addition to any salad made with cheese or cured meats, and if you are planning a festive fondue or raclette, they’re just the thing. They’ll keep for a month in the fridge once opened, but that’s a time span that is unlikely to be tested, in my kitchen at least.

Where can I get it?

They are available from branches of Aldi nationwide.


Anything else?

Also new, in the same range, is a seasonal pickle of beetroot with blood orange and cranberry that will be a perfect partner to cold turkey and ham.

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