A healthy peanut butter you could go nuts for

Shelf Help: Peanut butter on its own is delicious, but these three varieties have added nutritional boosts

What is it? Meridian Vitamin C Peanut Butter with Blackcurrant (€2.99, 160g).

What’s good about it? It is one of a range of three smooth peanut butters with nutritional additions – in this case vitamin C and blackcurrant powder, which the manufacturers say will “support your body’s natural defences”. The others in the range have chicory root for added fibre and oats for slow energy release.

The blackcurrant variety contains 30mg of vitamin C per 100g. Two 20g portions per day are recommended.

How do I use it? It tastes quite strongly of blackcurrant, which is a good thing. In the way that jams or jellies counter the mouth-drying effect of peanut butter, the blackcurrant has a similar effect. It would be very tasty in fruit smoothies, or yoghurt and fresh fruit, and was an excellent addition to dark chocolate peanut butter swirl brownies.


Where can I buy it? Widely available in supermarkets and health-food shops.

Anything else? Meridian peanut butters do not contain any palm oil and the peanuts are processed skin-on at the company’s factory in north Wales.

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