These Chinese steamed eggs are a great alternative to scrambled eggs. My kids adore them

Lilly Higgins: This is an affordable, quick vegetarian dish that makes a really delicious breakfast, lunch or light supper

Chinese Steamed Eggs

This is the Year of the Rabbit, and the rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. The good news is that 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope. Just what we all need.

With so many gorgeous recipes to pick from, I’ve chosen to focus on Chinese steamed eggs, also known as water egg, or egg custard. When cooked correctly, these are one of the most delicious comfort foods, with a smooth silky texture, and are so nourishing. They make such a lovely alternative to the regular omelette or scrambled eggs. It’s a softer, more gentle way of cooking eggs, and something that my kids adore.

There are multiple options for scattering on top of the eggs. Sliced spring onions or chives would be traditional, as would a swirl of sesame oil and soy sauce. I like to add a little peanut rayu condiment for heat and texture. You can also add cooked prawns or mushrooms. Sometimes crab meat, dried shrimp or vegetables can be added and the egg poured on top. Stock can be used in place of the water for even more flavour. The golden rule is twice the amount of liquid to egg. I prefer it simple though and use water.

This is an affordable, quick vegetarian dish that makes a really delicious breakfast, lunch or light supper. Eggs are such a great source of protein. I cook eggs regularly for breakfast for a balanced start to the day. These are something we love at the weekend. The basic technique is one that’s good to master and enjoy throughout the year.


Recipe: Chinese steamed eggs

Lilly’s Kitchen Tips:

  1. Keep your eggs shells and dry them out by leaving them in an airy space. Crush the dried shells and use them to feed roses and keep slugs at bay in the garden.
  2. Eggshells are rich in calcium and minerals so are deal for crushing and adding to your home compost.
  3. Use your egg cartons as seedling trays. Fill the compartments with soil and plant seeds in each one. Once the seedlings are established the cartons can decompose in the ground once planted.