Crosaire No 17746 by Crossheir – Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

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8 Barman (Bachelor of Law = BL-) with a German name (-OTTO) (BLOTTO) is wasted (BLOTTO),

9 Violent disturbance (UPHEAVAL) in university (University of Limerick = U-L) over pressure (-P-) and endless (t) heat (‘heaT’ without ‘t’ = -HEA-) on Virginia (-VA-) (UPHEAVAL),

10 It’s hardly prudent (RASH) to close 15 across (close ‘break out in a rash’ = RASH),

11 At the start of 15 across (start of ‘break out in a rash’ = BREAK) this can be vague (LOOSE)? (BREAK LOOSE) Get out of here! (BREAK LOOSE),


12 Pressure (P-) to strangely (= anagram indicator) elope (elope = -EOPLE) (PEOPLE) with men and women (PEOPLE),

14 It’s required by anyone looking to get out of prison, for instance (PASS-), for part of the sentence (-WORD) (PASSWORD) – would that be the key? (PASSWORD),

15 Have a bad reaction (BREAK OUT IN A RASH) to escape from prison (breakout = BREAK OUT) up (= reversal indicator) north (NI = IN) that’s initially audacious (initially ‘Audacious’ = A) and reckless (RASH) (BREAK OUT IN A RASH),

18 Soldier (PARA-) A (-A-) found in Guyana (Guy = -G-UY) (PARAGUAY) – a country in South America (PARAGUAY),

20 Give someone the cold shoulder (PASS BY) of terrine from Presbyterians (‘terrine’ from ‘Presbyterians’ = psbyas = PASS BY),

22 Turn and run (CHICKEN OUT) in Vogue (chic = CHIC-) with understanding (understanding/grasp = -KEN) at the end of 16 down (end of ‘reach out’ = OUT) (CHICKEN OUT),

24 Frank (OPEN) adaptation (= anagram indicator)? Nope! (nope = OPEN),

25 The most bad-mannered (SURLIEST)? Yes (sure), for the most part (e) (‘sure’ without ‘e’ = SUR-), and doesn’t tell the truth (-LIES-) starting trouble (starting ‘Trouble’ = -T)! (SURLIEST),

26 Rear brakes (rear ‘brakeS’ = S-) on tricycle (trike = -TRIKE) (STRIKE) stop working (STRIKE).

1 Idiom from social media ('idiom' from 'social media' = scalea = ALSACE) in France (ALSACE),

2 State (UTAH) of flipping (= reverse indicator) mortar board (hat = -TAH) from university (U-)  (UTAH),

3 Grave (SOMBRE-) exchange of words (row) dismisses women (w) (‘row’ without ‘w’ = -RO) (SOMBRERO) employed by one hiding from The Sun (SOMBRERO),

4 Stubborn type (MULE) of hero from Home Rule (‘hero’ from ‘Home Rule’ = mule = MULE),

5 Ship (S-S) full of fish (-HAKE-) (SHAKES) moves back and forth (SHAKES),

6 Those involved in a cast might want them (CAN OF WORMS) to open up – creating a potential difficulty (open up a CAN OF WORMS),

7 Presumably they’ll have to face the music (MAESTROS) for Article (-A-) in Metro’s (Metro’s) spread (= anagram indicator) (metros = M-ESTRO-) with scathing introduction (‘Scathing’ introduction = -S) (MAESTROS),

13 Work on the music (PLAY A SCALE) by beaches in Barcelona (Playas = PLAY A S-) with cold (-C-) beer (-ALE) (PLAY A SCALE),

14 Minor (PETTY) favourite (PET-) clears the centre out (r) for try (‘try’ without ‘r’ = -TY) (PETTY),

16 Extend a hand to (REACH OUT) get through to (REACH) most of those in 23 down (most of ‘outs’ = OUT) (REACH OUT),

17 Turns up (= reversal indicator), American college (Massachusetts Institute of Technology = MIT = -TI-M) admits school (-S-) is accessible to everyone (open = NEPO-) (NEPOTISM) looking after their own family (NEPOTISM),

19 Going through a rough patch (UNEVEN) as not going steady? (UNEVEN),

21 Goes to pieces (BREAKS) opening 15 across (opening ‘break out in a rash’ = BREAK-) for old Bob (old bob = shilling = -S) (BREAKS),

23 Hears coming out of art houses (‘hears’ coming out of ‘art houses’ = tous = OUTS)? Excuses! (OUTS),

24 Gets high (soars), loses head (s) (‘soars’ without ‘s’ = OARS) and rows (OARS).