Crosaire No 17636 by Crossheir – Monday, July 26th, 2021

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8 Cope (MANAGE) with East German not getting rest ('East German' not getting/without 'rest'  = eagman = MANAGE),

9 Familiarity (INTIMACY) with main city (main city) building (= anagram indicator) (main city = INTIMACY),

10 Temper (RAGE) those at the end of 13 down (at the end of ‘all the rage’ = RAGE),

11 Bodyguard (minder) briefly (r) (‘minder’ without ‘r’ = -MINDE-) taken in by popular type (popular = liked = LIKE-D) (LIKE-MINDED) having similar opinions (LIKE-MINDED),


12 Put to the test (HAD A GO) by surprise (HA-) party (do = -D -O) absorbing head barman (Attorney General = A G-) (HAD A GO),

14 Was Frank (OPENED UP) seen by the doctor in the theatre for heart surgery perhaps? (OPENED UP),

15 What do you expect The Joker to do (PULL SOMEONE’S LEG) for kid? (PULL SOMEONE’S LEG),

18 Hero up a (hero up a) structure (= anagram indicator) (hero up a = EUPHOR-A) overlooking institute (-I-) (EUPHORIA) in a state of intense happiness (EUPHORIA),

20 Serves up (= reverse indicator) takeaway (less = -SSEL) with starters of earthy vegetables (starters of ‘Earthy Vegetables’  = ev = VE-) (VESSEL) and a carafe (VESSEL),

22 Watching what’s been said when excluded from The Hearing (LIP-READING) following the mouthy movement (LIP-READING),

24 Denies leaving West Indies (‘denies’ leaving ‘West Indies’ = wtis = WITS) out of common sense? (WITS),

25 A measure of the paper (quire = QU-IRE) covering annual meeting (Annual General Meeting = -AGM-) (QUAGMIRE) with Marsh (marsh/bog = QUAGMIRE),

26 Father (Rev) upset (= reversal indicator) (Rev = -VER-) in shady type (TA-N) (TAVERN) of bar (TAVERN).

1 Looking back (= reverse indicator), it's a pity (alas = -SALA) Dawn (morning = am = MA-) (MASALA) produced something spicy (MASALA spices),

2 Goes around Paris, France (goes around ‘PAris franCE’ = PACE), in March (march/stride = PACE),

3 Spring (WELL -) list (-TO-DO list) (WELL-TO-DO) for affluent type (WELL-TO-DO),

4 Shortcoming (KINK) in family (KIN-) weekend (‘weeK’ end = -K) (KINK),

5 Items (items) spread (= anagram indicator) (items = ST-MIE) around yellow primarily (‘Yellow’ ‘primarily ‘ = -Y-) (STYMIE) in snooker (snooker/obstruct = STYMIE),

6 Agency (National Asset Management Agency = NAMA) backs (= reverse indicator) (NAMA = AMAN-) university (-U-) fairly (half of) keen (half of ‘keEN’ = -EN-) to contact little sister (-SIS) (AMANUENSIS) of Joyce’s assistant (James Joyce’s assistant = AMANUENSIS),

7 Mad site cleared out of Dutch Elm Disease (‘mad site’ cleared out of ‘Dutch Elm Disease’ = ducheles  = SCHEDULE) to plan (SCHEDULE),

13 Lethal (lethal) mixture (= anagram indicator) (lethal = ALL THE) at fundraising event (‘rag’ = RAG-) close to home (close to ‘homE’ = -E) (ALL THE RAGE) is hugely popular (ALL THE RAGE),

14 Switches (= reversal indicator) a (-A) precious stone (gem = -MEG-) for ring (O-) (OMEGA) – the last in a series (the last letter of Greek alphabet = OMEGA),

16 Takes a lot of interest (USURIOUS) in small (-S-), old city (-UR-) acknowledging the debt (IOU-) in America (US = U-S) (USURIOUS),

17 Moving vehicle (van) around (= reverse indicator) (van = NAV-) one (-I-) site synonymous with boarding (boarding -GATE) (NAVIGATE)? Use a GPS system! (NAVIGATE),

19 Band Aid (band aid) heard (= homophone indicator) (‘band aid’ = ‘band aide’ = ROADIE) by member of the crew (ROADIE),

21 Take sample of Tex-Mex tortellini (take sample of ‘tex-MEX TORTellini’ = EXTORT) and milk, in a forceful way (EXTORT),

23 Acts the goat presumably (IBEX wild goat) in team (eleven = XI) coming back (= reverse indicator) (XI = I-X) around Belgium (-BE-) (IBEX),

24 Roller (WAVE) for wallpaper adhesive on the borders (for ‘WAllpaper adhesiVE’ on the borders = WAVE).