Crosaire No 17518 by Crossheir – Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

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8 That’ll come to a head (FESTER), as there is no tea in Free State! (no ‘tea’ in ‘Free State’ = freest = FESTER),

9 They’re bound to provide an education to others (COLLEGES) playing (= anagram indicator), e.g., cellos (eg cellos = COLLEGES),

10 Make waves (PERM) in perfect storm on the banks (‘PErfect stoRM’ on the banks = PERM),

11 A slice of Ireland perhaps (BROWN BREAD) produced by Cockney, of late (Cockney of late/dead = BROWN BREAD),


12 Infamously dismisses mayo (‘infamously’ dismisses ‘mayo’ = infusl = SINFUL) as a wicked indulgence (SINFUL),

14 Particular (SPECIFIC) mixed (= anagram indicator) spice (spice = SPECI-) for Indian cold starters (‘For Indian Cold’ starters = -FIC) (SPECIFIC),

15 Presumably, this is not bad advice? (DO THE RIGHT THING) That’s what the man upstairs said! (DO THE RIGHT THING),

18 Department (D-) contacts English (-E-) receivers locally (‘receivers’ locally = -FENCES) (DEFENCES) employed in protection business (DEFENCES),

20 Don’t drag feet (KEEP UP) with ambitious (keen) short (n) (‘keen’ without ‘n’ = KEE-) boxer (pup = -P UP) (KEEP UP),

22 One of those fired by major employer (MACHINE GUN gets fired by major employer/army) for breaking (= anagram indicator) china (china = -ACHIN-) in Maine (ME = M-E) going to most of those in 23 down (most of ‘guns’ = GUN) (MACHINE GUN),

24 Firm (stiff) loses the head (s) (‘stiff’ without ‘s’ = TIFF) in local quarrel (TIFF),

25 Occupation (POSITION) of striker? (football striker = POSITION),

26 Understand (TAKE IN) steel (steel) report (= homophone indicator) (‘steel’ = ‘steal’ = TAKE) has clerical error (sin) that comes with tip-off (s) (‘sin’ without ‘s’ = IN) (TAKE IN).


1 Yes- (Y-) -men (-MEN-) in Ireland (Ireland domain = .ie) upset (= reverse indicator) (ie = -E-I) (YEMENI) Republican in Arabian Peninsula (republican/resident in Republic of Yemen = YEMENI),

2 Piece (ITEM) of some Yosemite monument (some ‘yosemITE Monument’ = item = ITEM),

3 Footballer (DRIBBLER) wearing a bib (DRIBBLER),

4 You hear this again and again (ECHO) from foursome consumed by Chinese chopsticks (foursome consumed by ‘chinesE CHOpsticks’ = ECHO),

5 Take the view briefly (GLANCE) in Government (G-) this is one of the cuts the doctors are asking for? (-LANCE) (GLANCE),

6 I know this sounds crazy, but just be patient (BEAR WITH ME), as Teddy (BEAR) is a funny guy (WIT-) even to Thomsen? (even letters in ‘tHoMsEn’ = -H ME) (BEAR WITH ME),

7 Grandmother (RELATION) of Oriental (oriental) boss (= anagram indicator) (oriental = RELATION),

13 To a degree, the scale (FAHRENHEIT scale) of unnatural (= anagram indicator) fear? Hint (fear hint = FAHREN-IT) – it’s about that man! (-HE-) (FAHRENHEIT),

14 Pride and envy (sins = SI-NS) over great (-G-) (SIGNS) things along the motorway? (SIGNS),

16 Tour manager (tour OPERATOR) with Carmen (Georges Bizet’s Carmen = OPERA-) is upset (= reverse indicator) going to rack and ruin (rot = -TOR) (OPERATOR),

17 Don’t turn a blind eye (TAKE NOTE) to what reporter might do (TAKE NOTE),

19 Frank (CANDID) and Rex not in card index (‘Rex’ not in ‘card index’ = cadind = CANDID),

21 It’s not just (it’s UNFAIR) below the belt (UNFAIR),

23 Warm (snug) review (= reversal indicator) (snug = GUNS) of pieces (GUNS),

24 What the director asked for (TAKE) from half the characters in 17 down (half of ‘take note’ = TAKE).