Crosaire No 17495 by Crossheir – Thursday, February 11th, 2021

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1 Watch your Ps and Qs (BEHAVE) around (= reversal indicator) one of the Peróns (Eva = -AVE) – almost (e) a goddess of youth (‘hebe’ without ‘e’ = BEH-) (BEHAVE),

4 Draws nearer (ADVANCES) to relative (Da) reversing (= reverse indicator) (Da = AD-) vehicle (-VAN-) near church (Church of England = -CE-) at the beginning of service (beginning of ‘Service’ = -S) (ADVANCES),

9 Keep (CASTLE) Sam away from classmate (‘Sam’ away from ‘classmate’ = claste = CASTLE),

10 Fences off (ISOLATES) aisles to (aisles to) building (= anagram indicator) (aisles to = ISOLATES),


12 One of those, of course, hitting a brick wall (PLASTERER) covering up the divisions in The House (PLASTERER),

13 Kid falls off dirt bike (‘kid’ falls off/from ‘dirt bike’ = irtbe = TRIBE) in race (TRIBE),

14 One of those with a reservation (INDIAN) to go to some (some) hearing (= homophone indicator) (‘some’ = ‘sum’ = SUM-) near the sea in France (‘sea’ in France = -MER) (INDIAN SUMMER) that’s pleasantly hot out of season (INDIAN SUMMER),

18 Type of vineyard (CLOS-) in (-IN-) German capital (‘German’ capital = -G) with bats (= anagram indicator), mites (mites = TIMES) (CLOSING TIMES) and types that end trading (CLOSING TIMES),

21 It’s stretching the truth to say (LYING) Bob has no part in lobbying (‘Bob’ has no part in ‘lobbying’ = lying = LYING),

22 Kind of artist (TATTOO- artist) gets award from university (first = 1st = -IST) (TATTOOIST) – the type that leaves a lasting impression on you (TATTOOIST),

24 A rosette (a rosette) designed (= anagram indicator) (a rosette = SEA OTTER) by relative of weasel (SEA OTTER),

25 Curtailed part of (d) the stadium (‘stand’ without ‘d’ = STAN-) with mid-sized (mid/centre of  ‘siZed’ = -Z-) area (-A) (STANZA) for the linesman to workout (STANZA),

26 Tries hot (tries hot) soup (= anagram indicator) (tries hot = THEORIST) produced by speculative type not known for their experimentation (THEORIST),

27 Can’t make this point strongly enough (STRESS) – this is not without its difficulties (STRESS).


1 A pink cab (a pink cab) convertible (= anagram indicator) (a pink cab = BACK PAIN) with long suffering disc problem (BACK PAIN),

2 Happy initially (‘Happy’ initially = H-) getting to briefly (e) manage (use) (‘use’ without ‘e’ = -US-) bars (-BANDS) (HUSBANDS) with the mates (HUSBANDS),

3 The first vintage (first ‘Vintage’ = V-) to drink (-ALE-) is opened tentatively (opened ‘Tentatively’ = -T) (VALET) by one employed in the hotel (VALET),

5 Only over 21s allowed (DISCRIMINATE) to tell the difference (DISCRIMINATE),

6 Giving out (share / ALLOTMENT) to Grant (grant = ALLOT-) and guys (-MEN-) getting time (-T) (ALLOTMENT),

7 Kitty (CAT-) and Spike (pin) raised (= reversal indicator) (pin = -NIP) (CATNIP) by a member of the Mint family (CATNIP),

8 Part of the diagnosis terrified (part of the ‘diagnoSIS TERrified’ = SISTER) medical practitioner (nurse / SISTER),

11 Dogs (IRISH SETTERS) people like me? (setters of crosswords / IRISH SETTERS),

15 Swinging (= anagram indicator) gorilla (gorilla = ALLIG-OR) grabs a (-A-) serpent’s tail (serpent’s tail/tail of ‘serpenT’ = -T-) (ALLIGATOR) hiding in swampland (ALLIGATOR),

16 Climate (AMBIENCE) change (= anagram indicator) menace (menace = AM-ENCE) consumes leaders of biodegradable innovation (leaders of ‘Biodegradable Innovation’ = -BI-) (AMBIENCE),

17 Proof of the fire (ASH-) picked up by consumers in the cafeteria (-TRAYS) (ASHTRAYS) containing the last of the Cubans (ASHTRAYS hold the residues of Cubans/cigars),

19 In the neighbourhood (CLOSE-) restaurant – the ultimate (restaurant the ‘ultimatE’ = -T) (CLOSET) secret (CLOSET)

20 Lecture (TIRADE) produced by institute (-I-) in that line of work (T-RADE) (TIRADE),

23 Ring (O-) clubs (-C-) let it stand (stet) missing the top (s) (‘stet’ without ‘s’ = -TET) (OCTET) group of players (OCTET).