Crosaire No 17385 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

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1 Place to do one’s exercises on the choreography? At the bar (bar) say (= homophone indicator) (at the ‘bar’ = ‘barre’ at ballet DANCING SCHOOL), where they coach The Haka (Maori war dance / DANCING SCHOOL),

10 Six (-VI-) top growths (top ‘Growths’ = -G-) in local shortly (anon = A-NON) (AVIGNON) from a French city (AVIGNON),

11 Magnificent (GRAND-) piano (-P-) – a (-A) (GRANDPA) relative older favourite cherished by the family (GRANDPA),

12 Complaining without moaning (‘complaining’ without ‘moaning’ = cpli = CLIP) in The Magazine? (CLIP),


13 Girlfriend dismisses fling (‘girlfriend’ dismisses ‘fling’ = rried = RIDER) with jockey (RIDER),

15 Served up (= reverse indicator) sample of Sacramento (sample of saCRAMento = cram = MARC) tipple popular in France (MARC),

17 Every second one in Hobart (every 2nd letter in ‘hObArT’ = OAT) producing type of cereal plant (OAT),

19 It’s useless (NO GOOD) describing Old Nick (NO GOOD),

21 Flipping (= reverse indicator) poor newspaper (rag = GAR-) study (-DEN-) (GARDEN) raises the profile of The Greens? (GARDEN),

22 Grace in (grace in) trouble (= anagram indicator) (grace in = GRECIAN) describing someone from Athens (GRECIAN),

23 Accommodation (let = -TEL-) going up (= reverse indicator) in place (lay = LA-Y) (LATELY) in recent times (LATELY),

25 Take on/off mackintoshes (‘take on’ off ‘mackintoshes’ = mcishs = SCHISM) in Split? (SCHISM),

27 Turns up (= reverse indicator) in Greenock Morton (in ‘greENOck morton’ = eno = ONE) coming from United (ONE),

29 Concealed plans of action (some ‘planS OF Action’ = SOFA) for those looking for seats in The House (SOFA),

30 Croaks from black grouse (‘croaks’ from ‘black grouse’ = blgue = BUGLE) – bound to wake you if you’re employed by a major producer? (army BUGLE),

31 Poses a question (ASKS) – what are the Coopers capable of (coopers make barrels/casks) starting off? (c) (‘casks’ without ‘c’ = ASKS),

34 No ads in El Salvador (no ‘ads’ in ‘El Salvador’ = elalvor = OVERALL) by and large (OVERALL),

35 Most of (t) the mould (cast) (‘cast’ without ‘t’ = CAS-) for a piece of terracotta (-TILE) (CASTILE) found in Spain (CASTILE),

36 Presumably, what Rumpelstiltskin might do (DANCE WITH RAGE) to jump up and down and lose the head (DANCE WITH RAGE).


2 Lifelong (ABIDING) suffering? (ABIDING),

3 100 (C-) -1 (-ONE) (CONE) = 99 (ice cream CONE),

4 Head of CGT (head of ‘CGT’ = -C-) in foreign (= anagram indicator) union (union = NUN-IO) (NUNCIO) is a court official (NUNCIO),

5 Mark (SIGN-) English (-E-) takes time (-T) (SIGNET) in Ring (SIGNET ring),

6 Become excited (HEAT) by the extremes of Henry the Great (the extremes of ‘HEnry the greAT’  = HEAT),

7 Oscar (O-) is away (-A-) with back (= reverse indicator) doctor (MD = -D M-) in Cork (cork/lid = -L- -ID) (OLD MAID) – a prim, fussy sort (OLD MAID),

8 Twisting (DANCING) what The Bible teaches us? (LESSON) (DANCING LESSON) In part, of course, how best to get through limbo correctly! (limbo dance / DANCING LESSON),

9 One of those very familiar with Paul Jones (“Paul Jones dance” familiar to DANCING MASTER) is teaching others how to hustle? (DANCING MASTER teaching disco “hustle dance”),

14 Three sides today (DANCING on three sides of today’s grid) keeping on their toes (DANCING),

16 Recalling (= reverse indicator) some angel, goblin (some ‘angEL GOBlin = elgob = BOGLE) or ghost (BOGLE),

18 Type of ball (DANCE) purely for one side today (DANCE on one side of today’s grid),

20 Naïve leaving vineyard (‘naïve’ leaving ‘vineyard’ = yrd = DRY) in a state that needs irrigation (DRY),

21 Some actor’s agent (some ‘actor’S AGent’ = sag) up (= reverse indicator) (sag = GAS) in neon lights? (GAS),

24 Returns (= reversal indicator) oily (fat = TAF-) cheese- (-FETA) (TAFFETA) -cloth with a silky, crispy texture (TAFFETA),

26 One (I-) top sportsman (top ‘Sportsman’ = -S-) going to court (-SUING) (ISSUING) for supplying (ISSUING),

27 Thug (lout) loses the head (l) (lout’ without ‘l’ = OUT-) with the bar (-LAW) (OUTLAW) ban (OUTLAW),

28 Celebrities have no beers (‘celebrities’ have no ‘beers’ = clitie = ELICIT) to bring out (ELICIT),

32 Soft white-grey material (TALC) stored in hospital cabinets (in stored in ‘hospiTAL Cabinets’ = TALC),

33 Bit of uplifting (= reverse indicator) pure substance (bit of uplifting ‘puRE SUbstance’ = resu = USER) produced by consumer (USER).