Crosaire No 17373 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 19th, 2020

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1 Gustave Eiffel (BRIDGE-BUILDER) – he’d expect you to open your mouth and show him you have teeth? (dentist / BRIDGE-BUILDER),

10 Film unit (reel = RE-EL) captures leaders of mutiny orchestrating democratic (leaders of ‘Mutiny Orchestrating Democratic’ = -MOD-) (REMODEL) reform (REMODEL),

11 A stumbling block (BARRIER) with first barrel (first ‘Barrel’ = B-) – there’s no head (c) on the porter (carrier) (‘carrier’ without ‘c’ = ARRIER) (BARRIER),

12 Beat (beat/hit = DRUB) produced by one of those on the hill (Dub on The Hill, Croke Park = D-UB) overlooking river (-R-) (DRUB),


13 A mistake defending (own goal = OG-) bad actor (-HAM) (OGHAM) from old Irish characters (old alphabet = OGHAM),

15 Boss (a stud on the centre of a shield = STUD) goes around in reversible (= reverse indicator) duffle coats (goes around ‘DUffle coaTS’ = duts = STUD),

17 Uplifting (= reversal indicator) part of Bright Eyes (part of ‘brighT EYes’  = tey = YET) nevertheless (YET),

19 Corner (ENTRAP) for Oriental (East = E-) good books (New Testament = -NT-) and music (-RAP) (ENTRAP),

21 It’s a link (BRIDGE) on all sides today (BRIDGE on all sides of today’s grid),

22 Ivory (ivory) nuts (= anagram indicator) (ivory = VI-ROY) growing around church (Church of England = -CE-) (VICEROY) opening on a colony (job on a colony = VICEROY),

23 Noises coming from confessional (‘noises’ coming from ‘confessional’ = confal = FALCON) produced by high flyer (FALCON),

25 Cultural organisation (GAA = GA-A) welcomes leaders of musical band in (leaders of ‘Musical Band In’ = MBI-) (GAMBIA) part of Africa (GAMBIA),

27 It’s important (BIG) to BB King? Every second! (‘bB kInG’ every second letter = BIG),

29 Banks increasing returns (banks ‘INcreasing returNS’ = INNS) for the locals (INNS),

30 Isn’t abandoning syndicate (‘isnt’ abandoning ‘syndicate’ = ydcae = DECAY) to go off (DECAY),

31 As a result of (THUS) the extremes of Thales of Miletus (the extremes of ‘THales of miletUS’ = THUS),

34 Giving them a kennel (HOUSING) as a fair amount of (half of) the dogs (hounds) (half of ‘HOUnds’ = HOU-) go astray (-SIN-) at midnight (mid ‘niGht’ = -G) (HOUSING),

35 Stein (stein = earthenware BEER MUG) and Byron ignored by moneygrubber (‘byron’ ignored by ‘moneygrubber’ = meguber = BEER MUG)

36 Supplies what’s lacking (BRIDGES THE GAP) to link (BRIDGE-) Saint (-S T-) Guy (-HE) from Gulf (GAP) (BRIDGES THE GAP).


2 Retweet (RT = R-T) is a small measure (-EM-) to get young at The Centre (‘yOUNg’ at the centre = -OUN-) (REMOUNT) to get up again (REMOUNT),

3 Concealed beyond a doubt (concealed ‘beyonD A DOubt’ = DADO) what divides upright types in The House (DADO rail divides uprights/walls)

4 Grave speech (EULOGY) by Leo, Guy (leo guy), Rocky (= anagram indicator) (leo guy = EULOGY),

5 Stringer’s leaving Saint Petersburg (‘Stringers’ leaving ‘Saint Petersburg’ = aptebu = UPBEAT) – that sounds optimistic? (UPBEAT),

6 Rule (rule) out (= anagram indicator) (rule = LURE) draw (LURE),

7 Mobile (= anagram indicator) device (device = EVIC-ED) around the back of the parliament (back of the ‘parliamenT’ = -T-) (EVICTED) cleared The House (EVICTED),

8 Samuel Beckett, for one (Samuel Beckett BRIDGE), has nothing (O-) to do with loud (forte = -F) moans (sighs = SIGHS) (BRIDGE OF SIGHS) witnessed way over on a tour of Venice (way over / BRIDGE OF SIGHS crossed by prisoners on the way be torture/execution),

9 Prepares the musicians for the return of the original material (BRIDGE PASSAGE) as one covers The River (BRIDGE) track (PASSAGE) (BRIDGE PASSAGE),

14 33 down (‘here’ = HERE-) turns it around (= reverse indicator) (turns ‘it’ around = -TI-) at the speed of light (-C) (HERETIC) out of belief presumably? (HERETIC),

16 Berlin put out by olive branch (‘Berlin’ put out by ‘olive branch’ = ovach = HAVOC) that leads to anything but peace (HAVOC),

18 Type of wine (DRY- wine) with balance, medium- (middle) (‘balAnce’ middle = -A-) bodied finish? (‘bodieD’ finished = -D) (DRYAD) A divine legendary type synonymous with oak! (tree nymph/divinity of the woods = DRYAD),

20 The swingers are looking for it, of course (golfers are looking for PIN on a golf course) in Press (press/restrain = PIN),

21 Marsh (BOG) ran away from Brogan (‘ran’ away from ‘Brogan’ = bog = BOG),

24 Most (d) of the terrain (land) (‘land’ without ‘d’ = LAN-) is uphill (= reverse indicator), endlessly (h) rough (‘rough’ without ‘h’ = roug = -GUOR) (LANGUOR) and leads to fatigue (fatigue = LANGUOR),

26 Team from Dublin (Bohemians) national school is absent (ns) (National School = ns) (‘Bohemians’ without ‘ns’ = BOHEMIA) in the Czech Republic (BOHEMIA),

27 Hound (BEAGLE) flighty type (-EAGLE) after (= positional indicator) bad start (‘Bad’ start = B-) (BEAGLE),

28 Is that a ploy (GAMBIT) of Magi (magi) out (= anagram indicator) (magi = GAM-I-) around Bethlehem primarily (‘Bethlehem’ primarily = -B-) close to desert (close/end to ‘deserT = -T) (GAMBIT),

33 Recalls (= reverse indicator) some characters from theatre rehearsals (some characters from ‘theatrE REHearsals’ = ereh = HERE) present (HERE).