Light Phone offers a solution for smartphone addicts

Tech Tools: Credit card-sized phone keeps you connected but offers just the essentials

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Do you long for a simpler time when phones were for calls and not a hub for your social life/extension of your office/smart home?

Me neither, but some some people are trying to roll things back by ditching the supercomputer in their pockets in favour of a more streamlined approach.

Designed as a second phone and priced at €150 it works with a 2G nano SIM so you simply forward calls from your super-charged smartphone. There are no apps, no data connection, not even a text message that can distract you. The Light Phone is credit card sized, so it’s ideal if you need to keep a phone with you at all times, but want to minimise distractions and the weight in your pocket. Sadly though, it’s sold out so you’ll have to join a waiting list.