Profits jump at Dublin branch of Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent

Gestifute founded ‘super agent’ Jorge Mendes who also represents Jose Mourihno

Profits at the Irish branch of the football "super agency" Gestifute which represents Cristiano Ronaldo last year increased almost three told to €52.79 million.

Accounts filed by Gestifute International Ltd show that it enjoyed the large hike in pre-tax profits as revenues increased by 159 per cent to €58.9 million last year.

Pre-tax profit were €18.69 million in 2017.

The Irish firm paid out €17 million in dividends to its shareholders. It paid out €18 million in 2017.


Gestifute was founded by "super agent" Jorge Mendes who represents Ronaldo along with new Spurs manager Jose Mourinho and and a host of other international players.

The principle activity of the Irish company is providing consultancy and marketing services to professional sports people and sporting organisations.

The Irish company has its registered office at College Green in Dublin 2 and the directors state that the company plans to continue its present activities and current trading levels.

Gestifute International Ltd had accumulated profits of €43 million at the end of last year while its cash pile more than doubled from €3.9 million to €7.9 million.

The accounts show that the Irish firm’s tax bill for the year totalled €6.79 million and the company recorded post tax profits of €46.9 million.

The company’s controlling party is Start SGPS, a Portuguese-registered firm that is Mr Mendes’s holding company for his businesses in sport.

The company employed six people and staff costs totalled €378,368.

Gordon Deegan

Gordon Deegan

Gordon Deegan is a contributor to The Irish Times