Where in the world is reader’s Currys receipt?

Pricewatch: An incorrectly entered email address caused one reader a lot of bother

Last September a reader called Ann bought a couple of computer monitors from Currys but while making the purchase she gave the shop an incorrect email address. This has caused her untold heartache.

The first issue was the invoices. Because she supplied the wrong email address she never got any of the paperwork.

She contacted the company, alerting them to the issue on October 1st and, a week later, she heard back from the customer service department.

She was asked for some details including her address and contact telephone number and she responded immediately with the requested information.


She heard nothing back for several weeks and contacted the company on December 7th. A further six days passed before the retailer responded.

“It is concerning to learn of the issues that you have experienced regarding an invoice request,” that response said. “So we can assist you further, could you please provide the following information at your earliest convenience.”

She was once again asked for the information she had sent them weeks earlier.

A few days later she started experiencing problems with one of the screens and contacted the company pointing out that without proof of purchase she would not be able to have the problem resolved.

That was the week before Christmas. She contacted Pricewatch, and we contacted Currys and received this statement.

“We were sorry to hear about [our reader’s] issue with the monitor screens and associated invoices. Our team have been in touch with the customer, supplied her with the invoices and have also updated her details on the system for the future. [She] also confirmed the monitors are now working as they should, the weak connection was caused by a loose power cable. The complaint has now been resolved.”