Customer care and the public service: ‘Libraries must be up there with the best’

Your views on your experiences trying to get help from various parts of the public sector

Last week, Pricewatch asked Twitter users about customer care and the public service. Our question went like this: “When it comes to customer service, ease of use and all the rest, which public service would you rate highest… and which would you give the lowest marks to?”

These are just some of the responses.

Passport office online. Passports usually arrive in a few days. We had a delay with my son’s passport and had to go to Cork, which was a pain, but the staff there were so pleasant and incredibly helpful which made up for the initial delay. – Anna Creegan

Revenue and passport services – very positive experience. Lowest marks has to be the HSE Fair deal service – atrocious system that I got through as an admin pro but an overly complicated, disjointed process that needs overhaul. At a time when families and/or elderly really need support. – Laura Murphy


Positively our local library in Carrick-on-Shannon always recommend books, never forgets your name and are super interested in your book choices! – Orla Leydon

Libraries in general, especially Meath Library. You can order in pretty much ANY book, lots of free training courses, research support available for businesses and individuals, tons of community events and plenty of free activities for children during summer time too! Caoimhe Delany

Always delighted with how helpful (and patient) Revenue staff are on the phone. I always encourage giving them a ring directly for any queries/wobbles. – Eva Scanlon

Revenue are great. Local councils are horrendous. – Triona Reid

Public libraries must be up there with the best! – Ciaran Mulqueen

Passport renewal, online application 1pm Monday. Passport in letterbox Wednesday morning. Less than 48 hours. That’s efficient. – Stephen Keane

Was extremely impressed with online passport renewal service a couple of years ago. Wish they’d do similar for driving licences (an absolute mare) – AM Ní Bhraonáin

Revenue by a mile the best. HSE the worse – Derek Lynch

An odd one but the part of Dublin City Council that issues parking permits is always helpful – Peter McGuire

I’ve found Revenue helpful and efficient. I have to submit DPS claims to HSE – an archaic system, all paper based, will only accept DPS receipts from chemist rather than EOY statement. It’s so difficult. The DPS side that chemist use does not connect to the non-pharmacist receipts. – Maria McHale

Conor Pope

Conor Pope

Conor Pope is Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Pricewatch Editor and cohost of the In the News podcast