Tipperary coach Tommy Dunne suspended for 12 weeks after red card

Dunne cited for Category V infraction of ‘threatening language’

Tipperary coach Tommy Dunne has been suspended for 12 weeks following a red card for exchanges with referee Johnny Murphy in the championship match against Waterford.

Dunne was cited for a Category V infraction, which includes “threatening language” to a match official rather than the less serious Category III “abusive language”. That carries a minimum suspension of 12 weeks.

He had opted for hearing, which took place on Thursday evening and after which the Central Hearings Committee imposed the ban, which rules Dunne out from any involvement with the Tipperary team for the next three months.

It is known that he strenuously denies the charge and is considering taking an appeal.


County manager Colm Bonnar said after the match at which the red card was issued at the start of the second half that the loss of the coach had been a blow for the team.

“He was a huge loss on the side-line because he has huge energy and a big voice. When you’re in a hostile place like Walsh Park, you need someone like that on the side-line and he was driving us on and driving everything. The players have huge respect for him and they respond to all his calls.”

Seán Moran

Seán Moran

Seán Moran is GAA Correspondent of The Irish Times