No question about it, LGFA players know when not to say a great deal

The games cannot come quickly enough for those involved in the National Football League Finals

The middle aisle of certain supermarkets has become an enticing oasis for grocery shoppers, a place you often walk away from with something you weren’t previously aware you wanted, and something you certainly didn’t need.

For the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, the preamble to Tuesday’s Lidl National Football League finals media event was certainly something they didn’t need, so it was perhaps no surprise the talk didn’t stray far from the bread and butter of these kind of things. Ball up the field, ball down the field.

Over the weekend it emerged the participating counties in the four finals (Divisions One to Four) were sent a memo by the LGFA with possible questions their representatives at the media day could expect to face and the correspondence provided suggested answers on how they might respond. The document, which was sent to The Irish Sun, included advice on how to reply to queries on issues including the LGFA’s transgender policy and the recent Cavan player strike. However, at Tuesday’s gathering nobody was tossing shallots about the place over the pre-event document.

“I think [it was] kind of cleared up at the weekend when mentioned that it was just so you weren’t caught off guard,” said Galway captain Sarah Ní Loingsigh. “By all means, answer the questions in any way you want but just so you’re not caught off guard with regards to the questions.”


When asked her thoughts on the topical issue of the LGFA’s transgender policy, she replied: “I know that the policy came from LGFA officials and players didn’t have much involvement in that. And I haven’t really looked into it, so I’d rather not comment.”

Which was in keeping with the answers recommended in the document, which stated: “OPTION 1 — I’m aware of the new policy but I do not know enough about it to make any comment. OPTION 2 — I’m aware of the new policy but it’s complex. I would need more time to consider it before offering an opinion.”

The Cavan expenses issue continues to rumble on, but for Armagh – who played the Breffni County in Division Two this season – there are no such problems.

“We’ve no concerns in Armagh, we’re happy enough. We have a really good relationship with the GPA and the LGFA so we’ve no concerns about that,” said Armagh captain Kelly Mallon.

The games cannot come quickly enough for all involved – and to be fair the LGFA are putting up the Special Offer signs with their ticket offerings. The middle aisle is overrated anyhow.



Division One: Galway v Kerry, Croke Park, 5pm

Division Two: Armagh v Laois; Croke Park, 3pm

Tickets for the double header: Adults €20 / Student & OAP €10 / U18 €5.00


Division Three – Clare v Kildare; Parnell Park, 4pm

Division Four – Antrim v Leitrim; Parnell Park, 2pm

Tickets for the double header: Adults €15 / Student & OAP €5 / U18 €2.00

Gordon Manning

Gordon Manning

Gordon Manning is a sports journalist, specialising in Gaelic games, with The Irish Times