Is Ireland going in the right direction? Here’s what poll respondents said

Irish Times/Ipsos B&A Snapshot poll asked what in Ireland was going in the right direction or the wrong direction

As part of the latest Irish Times/Ipsos B&A Snapshot poll, respondents were asked to comment on what in Ireland was going in the right direction or the wrong direction. Below is a selection of answers.

“Some of the stuff they are addressing on climate change is good. The referendum is good but not happy with the wording. The management of economy is good – right direction.”

“Putting the cyclists over everyone else, city centre only cyclists and public transport. Not everyone can avail of these.”

“The Greens are making a balls of the country, in that they are putting ramps everywhere and putting wide footpaths everywhere so that we have to rev our cars every 100 yards. Paint white lines properly and advise people to wear high-viz jackets.”


“The bottle refund scheme is not going to work as people would be too lazy to do it and the bottle banks are free. Affordable housing is not available to everyone there is so much red tape.”

“Wrong direction – the recycling of the bottles is a farce and a disaster.”

“The Government are going in the right direction with their financial help given towards electricity bills and their changes to the tax bands were very positive. The situation with the health service is a sign of the Government going in the wrong direction.”

“Wrong direction: the cost of living is going up rather that going down. It is hard to get an appointment at the hospital. But overall the country is going in the right direction.”

“Wrong direction: they are doing nothing about the cost of living, they are focusing too much on this green energy. Electric vehicles will not work in this country and they don’t realise it. The influx of refugees has gone out of control, this country has been used as a sponge.”

“Wrong direction – the country is being terrorised by all those undocumented people coming into country.”

“Leo Varadkar saying they have no control over the borders. There is a housing crisis in Cork. I’ve given up my car to afford rent. The system is there to be taken advantage of.”

“I have nothing against foreigners but I think there are too many and there is only so much a country can do.”

“Housing wrong direction, too much commercial property empty and not enough houses.”

“Government let us down badly. Housing crisis – that’s why my kids are moving away. They’re totally disconnecting with the real world.”

“The Government have done nothing for people like myself who live in homeless accommodation with three kids, the youngest of which is nine months old.”

“I suppose, coming out of the Budget, the country does seem to be doing okay financially. Some of the additional social welfare payments that were given out, as a positive example. Gov plan heading in the right direction.”

“Unemployment is relatively low, which is positive, and the contributions for vulnerable people have increased, which is a positive. Overall, compared to other countries, Ireland is a better state.”

“Right direction: salary rise. They have increased the minimum wage. It’s going in the right direction.”

“Wrong direction: the Government doesn’t seem to helping anybody.”

“The last budget was excellent for older people. It’s going in the right direction.”

“The big policy for me would be around education: lack of school places for secondary school children, lack of teachers in general. New policies around hospitals and healthcare also going in a downwards trend to me. Both issues are heading in the wrong direction.”

“Wrong direction: scared about Dublin riots in city centre. Gardaí did manage to subdue, but was very scary for everyone. Feel it could have been avoided.”

“The RTÉ TV licence scandal. The taxpayers paying for them to go out on St Patrick’s day and all the jaunts they do. They should be travelling like normal citizens and not travelling first class.”

“Two referendums on my mind but I need to do more research as I don’t trust the politicians, want to make a more educated choice.”

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Pat Leahy

Pat Leahy

Pat Leahy is Political Editor of The Irish Times