Is this timed eating technique worth the hype?

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Health and family editor Damian Cullen had already ticked off a long list of diets before he hit on intermittent fasting and three years later, and 16kg lighter, he has stuck to the plan. He eats in an eight-hour window.

At the more extreme end of intermittent fasting, British prime minister Rishi Sunak follows the so called “monk fast” of eating nothing for a 36-year period every week.

As a way of losing weight, timed eating is probably the weight loss method of the moment; it follows a long list of diets, some of which became wildly popular for a time and then slid off the menu.

Cullen explains how it works for him, while dietician Sarah Keogh gives the expert view. Presented by Bernice Harrison. Produced by Suzanne Brennan

Bernice Harrison

Bernice Harrison

Bernice Harrison is an Irish Times journalist and cohost of In the News podcast