JK Rowling welcomes No result

Frankie Boyle, David Walliams and Marc Almond have their say on independence vote

Prominent figures in the entertainment world reacted quickly to the result.

Author and pro-union supporter JK Rowling was among the first celebrities to hail Scotland’s decision to turn down independence.

The Harry Potter writer, who declared her support for the No campaign with a Stg £1 million donation earlier this year, said as the final result became clear: "Been up all night watching Scotland make history. A huge turnout, a peaceful democratic process: we should be proud."

She had previously used her website to voice her concerns about the economy and medical research in the lead-up to thereferendum.


But her position on the Yes/No vote made her the subject of online abuse from pro-independence supporters over the past few months.

The author was born in the West Country, but has lived in Scotland for 21 years and currently lives in Edinburgh.

Comedian Frankie Boyle, who was a strong supporter of independence, said: “I should have expected this, because if you’d asked me to estimate how many (insert profanity) there were in Scotland I’d have said about 2 million.” Boyle is due to host a BBC show analysing the results of the referendum.

Comedy actor and writer David Walliams expressed his relief at the result, telling his Twitter followers: “I am so pleased

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Wales, don't get any ideas please." Singer Marc Almond said: "The decision has been made but not all in vain. New greater Powers promised MUST be delivered now. Or else. Good Luck and love to Scotland."

Winner of last year’s series of The Apprentice Leah Totton, who now runs a cosmetic surgery clinic, was offering to remove tattoos from independence supporters. “Got a ‘yes’ Scotland tattoo and like it removed following referendum? Possibility to have it done for free if you can come to the clinic today,” she said in a message online.

The often divisive broadcaster Piers Morgan had promised he would head back to the US if they were to vote No. This morning he Tweeted a picture of his passport and boarding card with the caption: “Relax. I’m leaving.” After a barrage of abuse, he added: “I love Scots, even the abusive ones who want to do strange things to my bampot. Glad we’re keeping our dysfunctional UK family together.”

Chat host Jonathan Ross posted a message online to say: “I’m delighted

Scotland is staying with the rest of us, though part of me REALLY wanted to see what was going to happen if they left.” Radio presenter Richard Bacon said: “Correspondents loving saying something fundamental has changed. Whatever that change becomes, it’ll make almost no difference to your life.”

Hollywood star Alan Cumming urged fellow Yes voters not to give up campaigning for more powers for Scotland following the defeat.

He tweeted this morning: “My YES friends, let’s turn our passion towards ensuring the Devo Max promises the Westminster establishment have made to us are delivered.”

He later added: “Yes still means something. Please try to remember that.”

The X-Men actor, originally from Aberfeldy in Perthshire, had previously joined Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the campaign trail for an independent Scotland.