Is it really okay to wear shorts into the office?

Do you wear shorts to the office when the sun comes out?

There’s always one; when the sun comes, so do the shorts.

There may be a slight blip in the good weather today, but if you have a look around the office, you may still find somebody who has abandoned the usual suit trousers, shirt and sensible shoes and is instead wearing boardies and flip flops.

It's only when the sun splits the stones you find yourself sitting across a table from a colleague dressed more like he's heading to Lahinch to go surfing than in a meeting to discuss the upcoming half-year results.

It’s all right for the women, they can keep cool in flowing summer attire but it can be a little more challenging for the blokes.


In France, bus drivers took matters one step further when they started wearing skirts to keep cool in sweltering conditions this week. Reports from the western city of Nantes say the drivers, who are members of the CFDT union, said their normal uniform was not appropriate for the hot weather prompting the cross-dressing episode.

In the UK meanwhile, a call-centre worker was sent home for turning up in a pair of shorts. His solution? He went home and changed into a dress. Naturally he took to Twitter to highlight his “plight”.

But the question remains: is it ever all right to wear shorts and flip-flops in the office?

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