Alleged drug dealer flashing cash on Facebook Live is arrested

Armed police burst in after man shows friends wads of cash, saying: ‘It don’t stop, man’

A Florida man joyfully flashing money live on the internet got a surprise when police officers barged in and arrested him for allegedly selling drugs.

A man identified by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office as 22-year-old Breon Hollings went on Facebook Live to show friends a handful of money, saying: "It don't stop, man, it don't stop."

He then retrieves more money from another room and starts shuffling it when he hears officers warning over a loudspeaker they are about to raid the house.

A stunned Hollings runs out of the room. Seconds later, officers barge in. Hollings is arrested off camera.


Hollings faces numerous drug charges and was being held on bail on Saturday.