Irish man goes to stag do, ends up trampled on by Pamplona bulls

Electronics engineer previously swam between Alcatraz and San Francisco

An Irishman injured during the first San Fermines bull run on Friday took time out of a stag do to risk his life and kept his decision secret from his wife, it has emerged.

Electronics engineer Stephen Tighe (39) decided to head to Pamplona, Spain and run with the bulls for the first time after travelling to the northern Spanish city of Bilbao for the party with 15 friends.

The group had planned to see the three-day Bilbao BBK Live rock and pop festival, which ended on Saturday and featured a headline performance by Depeche Mode.

But Stephen spent most of his weekend in bed in hospital nearly two hours drive away after colliding with another runner and suffering chest injuries. He only told his wife he was in hospital after being admitted.


Mr Tighe is believed have returned to Ireland after he was given the all-clear to leave hospital following his unexpected 48-hour stay.

The keen sportsman, who once swam between Alcatraz and San Francisco, broke off from his trip to Bilbao to head to Pamplona with a friend.

He said he was trampled on by bulls after falling to the ground near the start of the half-mile course.

He told a local newspaper: “With everyone running at the same time, it was very difficult to move.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the BBK but it would have been a shame not to have come to Pamplona when I was so close.”

Mr Tighe, who went to hospital himself after feeling pain in his chest, added in his short hospital interview: “My wife just said to me when I told her, ‘Why did you do that?’

“At least it’s not serious and I can tell the story.”