How would Ireland look if it was made up of just 100 people?

The bad news is the Ireland of the Hundred would be mostly fat

If Ireland were reduced to a nation of just 100 people, most of us would live a rotund and middle-aged life within the Pale.

Sometimes it can be hard for the human mind to process large numbers and when society is broken into chunks of hundreds of thousands the picture can become blurry.

Recognising this, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has just released data on how Ireland would look if the State was made up of just 100 people and it is not overly flattering.

The bad news is the Ireland of the Hundred would be mostly fat.


All told 35 of us would be overweight while a further 13 would be classified as obese with 44 people the ideal weight and just three people considered underweight.

There would be 55 people living in Lenister and 27 in Munster. Connacht would be the place to be for people who like splendid isolation with just 12 people occupying the five counties to the west of the Shannon. The CSO has found that six people would live in Ulster - or at least that part of it that is to be found south of the Border.

In terms of age, the country is appears somewhat youthful although most people are aged over 30.

The CSO figures suggest that 27 people are 19 or younger and 28 are aged between 20 and 39. The largest single cohort are the middle aged and 31 people occupy the 40 to 64 year old category with 13 people 65 or older.

And finally, the 40 people who are able to speak Irish can handily make the 60 who are not feel bad about their linguistic ineptitude.

Conor Pope

Conor Pope

Conor Pope is Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Pricewatch Editor