'Leonardo da Vinci? Loved him in Titanic': Top comments of 2016

A look back at some of the head-turning input from Irish Times readers

Despite there being little to joke about in the news in 2016, there was no shortage of funny comments on the Facebook page of The Irish Times. Below is a quick look back over some stand-out contributions over the past year.

There's no winner of this list, but this probably wins anyway. 

Classy Simpson's reference.

The size of chocolate relative to the decade was a popular gripe this year.


At least they're honest.

No need, really.

Couple of "dad jokes" thrown in, too.

A serious story, but very strong pun game on show here. 

What did Gorey ever do?

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Dean Ruxton

Dean Ruxton

Dean Ruxton is an Audience Editor at The Irish Times. He also writes the Lost Leads archive series