In the News: Who are Isis-K and what threat do they pose?

Extremist group known as Islamic State in Khorasan claim responsibility for Kabul bomb

Less than a fortnight after the Taliban took control in Afghanistan, the country saw its first horrific terror attack.

The suicide bombing near Kabul Airport, which killed more than 100 people, was claimed by a group of extremists known as the Islamic State in Khorasan.

In recent years, Isis-K has emerged in central Asia as an enemy of both the West and of the Taliban. Who are Isis-K? What do they want? And, how will the Taliban deal with the group?

The guests on Thursday's show are Chelsea Daymon, researcher and PhD candidate at American University in Washington DC, focusing on terrorist and extremist groups, and Dr. Roja Fazaeli, Associate Professor in Islamic Civilisations at Trinity College Dublin.


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