Berkeley: Statement from the Donohoe and Burke families

‘Ashley and Olivia were two intelligent, talented and hardworking women’

Family statement in full

On behalf of the Donohoe and Burke families, we want to thank everyone for their ongoing support and prayers.

We especially want to acknowledge the following: The Irish Consulate for their immediate and overwhelming support, and assistance in coordinating the logistics for all families involved in this tragedy.

The entire Berkeley community stepped up in a major time of need and their support has been tremendous.


The City of Berkeley, along with the Berkeley Police and Fire Departments, and all of the first responders, for their empathy and caring in such a difficult and tragic time for our families.

Aer Lingus for working with all of the families to get them here and returning their loved ones back to Ireland.

We are grateful to the Alameda and Sonoma County Coroner's officers, where Ashley was currently working as an intern, for their personal attention to our families.

Thank you to St Joseph Church for welcoming our families and friends.

We also would like to thank The Adobe Creek Mortuary for their professionalism and compassion during this difficult time.

Also Oliver's Market and Mary's Pizza for their generous contribution, and lastly a big thank you to Sonoma State University, the school Ashley was attending as Biology Major for opening their facilities to accommodate this celebration of Ashley and Olivia's lives.

There were many more people and agencies that assisted, thus if I omitted any, I apologise.

The family wants everyone to know and understand that Ashley and Olivia were two intelligent, talented and hardworking women.

They had bright futures ahead of them.

We will fight to make changes so that no family will ever have to go through what we’ve been through for the past five days, which has changed our lives forever.

Our daughters and the rest of these students were responsible young adults that were celebrating their friends 21st birthday in what they felt was a safe environment.

Unfortunately, that turned tragic through no fault of their own.

Ashley was dedicated to making a different in this world and she would be honoured to raise money for cystic fibrosis on behalf of her younger cousin in who is home in Ireland.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers and other donations please make a donation to Cystic Fibrosis of Ireland at

On behalf of the Donohoe and Burke families, I ask that you please respect their privacy during this difficult time.

(Rusty Rudick)