Stefanie Preissner: I never forgave Santa for taking my soothers

The Can't Cope, Won't Cope writer on what she really wants for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is . . . gift vouchers. And no more Now That's What I Call Music CDs.

This season I'll be busy with . . . my Channel 4 series and the new show I'm writing for a company in New York. Can't Cope Won't Cope season two is filming so there are often last-minute re-writes that need to happen super quick, so I'll be keeping a close eye on my emails over the holidays.

Christmas – Can't cope/won't cope or easy-peasy? Easy peasy. No obligations, no expectations, no hangovers, no drama. Save the drama for the screen is my Christmas motto.

My best Christmas gift It's a toss-up between Mr Frosty the slushy drink maker or my Fitbit watch.


My worst Christmas gift Santa took my soothers one Christmas morning and gave me a Wendy House instead. It was the worst trade-off ever. Never forgave him.

That Christmassy feeling Home Alone, the soundtrack to the Muppet Christmas Carol, walking on carpeted floors in furry socks, pyjama days, hot drinks, presents, the smell of a real tree, closing the front door on Christmas Eve and knowing you don't have to leave again until you want to.

That Grinchy feeling Those ads that guilt people into getting themselves into debt.

The essential Christmas ingredient Low expectations. Of yourself and others.

Stefanie Preissner's new book, Why Can't Everything Just Stay the Same?, is out now