Do you know a ‘Health Hero’? We would like to hear from you

Every week, ‘The Irish Times’ will highlight someone deserving of the hero tag

They stand beside the most vulnerable in our society – travelling the tough, often long, journeys with those struck by illness, disease and accidents.

They are our “Health Heroes”.

Often unpaid, always in the background, these heroes save the State a fortune, financially – by offering care, expertise and logistics. And, less easily quantified but also of high value, they provide kindness and comfort to those under their care.

Does this ring any bells?


Is there someone you would like to nominate as one of our “Health Heroes”.

Each Tuesday, in the Health+Family Supplement of The Irish Times and online at, we will honour one of the people we consider deserving of the hero tag.

It could be the CEO of a national organisation or someone taking care of a loved one in their home.

They could be working in a large Irish hospital or a backgarden shed.

If you would like to nominate someone, just send us a brief note (up to 100 words) on why.

Thank you.

Our Health Heroes
1 - Martin Nevin: Even unwashed and medicated up to my eyes, Martin makes me feel beautiful
2 - Maureen Durcan: That so many live on the poverty line in Ireland is incredibly sad
3 - John Burke: Managing mental health should not be like climbing a mountain
4 - Derek Devoy: The Kilkenny taxi man whose drive saves lives
5 - Sarah Fitzgibbon: Society has to stop treating the marginalised and disabled as charity cases
6 - Kathleen King: I wanted to make sure no one else would have to wait nine years for a diagnosis
7 - Caoimhe Bennett: The schoolgirl raising understanding about young carers
8 - Ann Norton: Our hospitals are a disgrace. We are letting down our doctors, nurses and whole society
9 - Una McNicholas: My proudest achievement is being able to help care for my sister
10 - Catherine Cox: Family carers are a hidden army of exceptional people fulfilling a role they did not ask for
11 - Prof Rose Anne Kenny: Good friendships make for a healthy life as much as regular exercise and healthy diet
12 - Dr Robert O'Connor: Within my lifetime we could eradicate cervical cancer with the HPV vaccine and screening
13 - Claire Cahill and Michelle Long: Scoliosis campaigners battling to reduce waiting times for children

Damian Cullen

Damian Cullen

Damian Cullen is Health & Family Editor of The Irish Times