A beer that tastes like an ice-pop?

Beerista: The new Super Soaker ice-pop IPA from Wicklow Wolf is a gimmick that works

Ever wished your beer tasted more like an ice-pop? That's exactly what you'll get with Super Soaker, a new blood orange ice-pop IPA that smells and tastes very much like a Super Split ice cream. Wicklow Wolf and Wexford's Yellow Belly have teamed up to create this one-off collaboration beer inspired by the "summers of our youth".

Gimmick beers don’t always achieve what they set out to do, but this one works: the sweet orange and vanilla flavour is balanced by a solid bitterness, there’s a creamy mouthfeel but it’s light-bodied and lower alcohol at only 2.7 per cent , which is another thing going for it. So if you’re up for a little feel-good nostalgia, this clever and tasty beer will take you right back to your childhood summers.

Keeping it retro, Rascals have gone back to the classic American cream ale for their latest release. Yale Ale is very easy-going flavour-wise – which is the idea with a cream ale – there’s a touch of citrus, a light hoppy aroma and malt character but overall, it’s like a light blonde ale. (At 5 per cent ABV, however, I’d love to see it at around 4 per cent to make it a bit more sessionable.)

Another newbie from Rascals is its hazy Fruitropolis pale ale. This is made with tropical fruit purees, so it’s packed with juicy flavour but nicely balanced with a bit of acidity and a clean finish. It’s refreshing, interesting and summery at 4.3 per cent.


If you’re looking for a quality Irish-made lager, check out Hope’s Underdog, which is new to 440ml cans. This is a well-made hoppy lager at 4.8 per cent with a clean body and a touch of apricot and melon on the aroma. It ticks all the boxes for a lawnmower beer: light, crisp, thirst quenching and perfect after a few hours digging in the garden or just sitting in the sun.