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I’m not sure my disorganised son has registered for the Leaving Cert exams. How can I double check?

It is a relatively simple process, but a word of caution: do not use a Yahoo email address to register

My son is hopelessly disorganised. As a first-time parent, I’m worried that he might not have properly registered to sit the Leaving Cert. Is there any way I can help him, or double check that he has done all he needs to?

If it is of any consolation, there is a one-stop-shop for the Leaving Cert exams. Everything is now managed through the Candidate Self Service Portal (CSSP), which is provided by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) for sixth-year candidates taking the Leaving Cert in the current academic year.

A step-by-step guide to the process of creating a candidate portal account and selecting the relevant options is available on the SEC’s website ( It is highly recommended that all Leaving Cert and year two Leaving Cert Applied candidates create their candidate portal account.

Candidate numbers were issued to schools on December 12th last and candidates should have their number at this point and the portal was due to stay open until February 2nd, 2024.


For Leaving Certificate candidates, you must register to create and activate your account; and review your personal details and confirm your subjects and levels.

At this stage you also need to indicate if you wish to sit any of your exams through Irish while higher-level music candidates need to choose their elective.

For all candidates registering, before you start the process you will need the following information: your examination number; your Personal Identification Number (PIN); your mobile phone number; and an email address to which you will have regular access.

Please note: do not use Yahoo/Ymail email accounts as there are issues delivering emails to these accounts. Please use a different email account type.

Go to, click on the Certificate Candidate Self Service Portal and follow the instructions. Candidates will need to keep their details safe so that they can access their accounts when needed.

Once a candidate has registered and their account is active, they will be able to access at relevant times the range of online services available on the portal. This includes: access to their exam results; access to component marks in subjects (eg, oral marks; practical marks, etc); apply to view scripts; view marked scripts online; make an appeal application; and access appeal results.

Candidates should be aware that the SEC may contact them at various stages during the Leaving Cert process to keep them informed of any information that may affect them.

Another important piece of information is to remind candidates that they will be contacted via the email and phone number they provided upon first registering through the CSSP. A further guide to the results and the post-results stages is provided at the time of issue of the results.