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Wednesday’s Top Stories: The Irish soldiers who trained a rogue general’s army in Libya; Biden official claims Ireland changed alcohol labelling after US pressure

Here are the stories you need to start your day including a reader’s query about their devastation after their wife left the country

The Irish soldiers who trained a rogue general’s army in Libya

Former members of the Defence Forces have been providing military training for the forces of Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar in an apparent breach of a United Nations arms embargo, an Irish Times investigation has found.

From early 2023, Irish Training Solutions, run by former members of the elite Army Rangers Wing and Defence Forces, recruited departing and former Irish soldiers and flew them to Haftar-controlled Benghazi, where they worked as trainers alongside military veterans from other countries.

There they worked as contractors training the 166 Infantry Brigade of Haftar’s self-styled Libyan National Army, rivals to Libya’s UN-recognised government in Tripoli, according to travel records and other documents, photos and footage, and the accounts of multiple people familiar with the situation who spoke to The Irish Times.

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  • ‘Don’t dream it’s over’: life Down Under not limited to backpackers on holiday visas: Ireland was in the top 15 countries whose citizens successfully applied last year for a skilled visa in Australia, which allows recipients to work in certain occupations experiencing domestic skill shortages. This type of visa is popular among those who have aged out of the working holiday permit, and are looking to pursue their career rather than a sun tan and/or have children, given it’s one of the few visas that allow family members to be added through subclass application.

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