Irish citizens warned not to travel to Niger following coup

The Department of Foreign Affairs has issued new advice

The Department of Foreign Affairs has issued new advice to Irish citizens travelling to Niger, warning against travel to the west African country after a recent coup in the capital city of Niamey.

“Since July 2023 there has been political unrest in Niamey,” says the department. “Irish citizens are advised to postpone or cancel all planned travel to the country until the situation is resolved. There is a high risk of violence in urban centres. Irish citizens already in the country are advised to be vigilant, avoid unnecessary journeys, keep up to date with local developments, and avoid any demonstrations and large gatherings. Citizens should consider stocking up on food, water and fuel.

“Citizens should be aware that violent armed groups, including terrorists, are currently active outside of the capital Niamey, and we advise against all travel to Agadez and Diffa regions, as well as to border areas with Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Libya and Mali.”

Last Wednesday, military officers overthrew Niger’s democratically-elected president Mohamed Bazoum. The country has been closed to commercial flights since then, with France and Italy among the European countries that have said they will aim to repatriate their citizens. The Department of Foreign Affairs did not say how many Irish citizens it is aware of in Niger and if repatriation efforts have begun.


In a statement a spokesman said the department was “carefully monitoring the situation in Niger, together with our EU and other international partners”.

France, the United States, Germany and Italy all have troops in the country on counter-insurgency and training missions. There has been no indication that foreign military will be evacuated so far.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has asked those in the country to register their presence with the Irish Embassy in Nigeria on +234 9 462 1080. They can also contact the consular assistance unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin on +353 1 408 2000.

Nathan Johns

Nathan Johns

Nathan Johns is an Irish Times journalist