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John Wilson: Two good-value wines from Lidl that would go down a treat this Christmas

Wines for the Weekend: Both are French. The white is a nicely rounded Alsace Riesling, the red a smooth, full-bodied Plan de Dieu

Two wines from Lidl this week, both part of the supermarket’s new winter range.

Alsace is the only region in France to grow Riesling, one of the world’s great grapes. The wines tend to be fuller bodied and drier than those of neighbouring Germany. They can offer great value for money; the Jean Cornelius below certainly does. Plan de Dieu is a subregion of the southern Rhône that incorporates several villages on the plain. It is becoming increasingly well known for red blends based on the Grenache grape. Expect big, rich, powerful reds with soft tannins and plenty of warming alcohol.

Jean Cornelius Alsace 2021, €9.99

This has ample plump pear and apple fruits, plus a nicely rounded finish. Perfect by itself or with all kinds of seafood and chicken dishes, it would be an ideal option for Christmas starters. Mine went very well with smoked-salmon blinis, chicken in a creamy sauce, and the toasted almonds that preceded both.

Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu Les Aumôniers 2020, €9.99

Full-bodied, meaty and smooth, with generous strawberry fruits gently seasoned with spice. The hearty, 14.5 per cent alcohol means this is not a wine to sip solo before dinner. It needs a place on the table alongside your Christmas turkey, or a hearty stew.