John Wilson: Two wines with particularly ancient lineages to try, both from Aldi

Wines for the Weekend: The white, a Greco di Tufo, is from the volcanic mountains overlooking Naples. The red is from Bakaa Valley, in Lebanon

This week two wines from Aldi. Greco di Tufo comes from the Campania region in the volcanic mountains overlooking Naples. Greco is the grape variety and Tufo is the town. Some believe Greco was first brought to Italy by the ancient Greeks and was used by the Romans to make wine. Historians believe they diluted it with water, sometimes seawater, before drinking.

Vines have been grown and wine made in Lebanon for thousands of years. Despite wars, turmoil and economic crises, the country still somehow manages to produce some very good wine, both red and white. Much of it comes from Bekaa Valley.

Specially Selected Greco di Tufo 2021, €11.99

White flower aromas, with zesty grapefruit and pear fruits, a strong mineral backbone and a bone-dry finish. Pair it with grilled sea bass, calamari or fresh-tomato pasta dishes.

Specially Selected Lebanese Red 2020, €10.99

Rich and spicy with supple red fruits and light tannins on the finish. Try it with warming, spicy Mediterranean lamb dishes or red pepper and aubergine tagine.