The latest CD releases reviewed

The latest CD releases reviewed

Arnold Layne feat David Bowie EMI ****

Gilmour pays tribute to his old bandmate Syd, and who better than Bowie to give the cross-dressing pop classic an airing? This is from Gilmour's Royal Albert Hall gig, and was available to download on Christmas Day.

The Photos on My Wall Brille ****


Here's a treat for all the good little indie boys and girls: a fine new EP from this Morden, London band, released on Christmas day. As an added treat, fans who sent in their photos might also spot their mugs on the cover artwork.

You Know I'm No Good feat Ghostface Killah Island ****

Rehab introduced us to an Amy Winehouse we didn't know before, but just to be sure we never mistake her for Katie Melua, here's another reminder of what a bad girl she is, and another good reason to snap up her superb Back to Black album.

Raoul B-Unique ****

This has been out already, but hey, why shouldn't the band celebrate a brilliant year with one more visit to the mysterious Raoul? Besides, this new release also features a new track, Easy Target, and a Fatboy Slim Remix of Monster. Done deal.

Before I Fall to Pieces Vertigo ***

Now that all the panic in America has died down, Johnny Borrell can turn his attention to more personal issues - namely, people who don't appreciate his godlike genius. That should keep him busy for, ooh, the next 500 years.

Proper Education Positiva **

We've had Scissor Sisters' camp disco version of Comfortably Numb, and now here's the Swedish DJ/producer with a club mix of Floyd's classic anti-faculty anthem. It's the first time Floyd have given permission to sample their music; what next, The Game doing Wish U Were Here?

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney is an Irish Times journalist