Crosaire No 17875 by Dominic – Monday, May 2nd, 2022

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1 T and P (the initial letters of Tribal People) when sounded out = teepee aka wigwam

4 Edge (limit) + ways (means) = edgeways; could you get a word in edgeways when talking with a chatterbox

9 Lent (fast) + IL (forty nine in roman numerals) = Lentil = a pulse (vegetable)


10 Anagram (get knotted) of “to twerps” = Westport

12 Anagram (made up) of “claim four” = forumlaic = unoriginal (conventional etc)

13 Linda contained in dubLIN DAilies

14 Walk (constitutional) and talk (address as in speech) interrupted by i.e. (that is) twice = walkie talkie = communicator

18 A gents (place to go - urinate) after secret (underground) = secret agents = spooks

21 Octet (eight things) found in even letters of tOmCaTs EaT

22 Anagram (elaborate) of “rich roses” = Crossheir who produced a cryptic crossword in the IT (here) every day except Sunday

24 Check (stop) + cock (tilt as in cock your head to one side) = stopcock used to cut off gas leaks for example

25 Outside letters (skins) of FlorencE, DesenzanO and RavennA = fedora = headgear

26 Preclude = rule out; Pre-clued = already hinted at with ed reversed = preclude

27 Freeze (don’t move) sounds like (picked up) frieze (a form of architectural decoration)


1 Wild (unbroken) + fowl = anagram (damaged) of “flow” = wildfowl, a target for game bird hunters

2 Genera (classes - of animals for example) + LS (central letters of Nelson) = Generals) = commanders

3 First letters (first thing) of After Dinner I Ended Up = Adieu = goodbye

5 Anagram (complex) of “action sealed” = deescalation = reduction in tension

6 Ex (former spouse) + tolling (ringing) = extolling = praising

7 Aunt (your mother’s sister) around mo (a second e.g. I’ll be with you in a mo) = amount = volume

8 Sat (modelled) + rap (mild punishment) = satrap an old Turkish Governor

11 ICA (women’s group) inside an anagram (overturned) of “a dirt cart” = tartaric acid = used in some foods

15 I + dent (undermine as in I put a dent in her ambitions) + i cal (one calorie)

16 Rough calculations are often on the back of an envelope

17 Anagram (perhaps) of “mean ruse” =username = a common requirement for online services

19 Top (excellent) + sup (drink) = tops up = refills

20 St (street) + robe (clothing) = strobe = type of light

23 SME (Small & Medium Size enterprise) + a + r (republican) follows (supports) = smear = malign